The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Milton Berle's Legendary Engorgement

Doug is wearing a nifty blazer, Iggy bashes the Rocky films and talks naked polaroids, discussing how many of us have sent nude pictures, Plow Boy talks famous penis sizes, Hollywood hog discussion continues, talking the bust sizes of listener wives, the stock market is up according to Doug, Iggy didn’t get to talk to his female prisoner last night, Blues analyst Kelly Chase joins the program presented by Petro-Mart, fantasy golf talk, Bugle Boy still around, there’s some new Barstool chick in place of Fran and Plowsy is furious, what is Paris Hilton doing now, where can you hook up with a caddie, Plowsy continues to rant about being Team Fran all day, Doug prods Plow Boy about Tillmon, Strode defends the production quality of Paris Hilton’s sex tape, the aroma of weed is strong with Plowsy today, ESPN did a live shot in Lithuania, Doug demands details on Iggy’s hook-up story, lots of activity on the text line, talking crypto-currency and how Vaughn needs a webcam to buy it, Email of the Day.