The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Mizzou Monday & Email of the Day

Charlie is trying to catch up on the show’s inside jokes, it’s time for Mizzou Monday with former WR and 590 teammate T.J. Moe, Iggy got fleeced on a coin purchase, why would people give out raisins or pretzels for Halloween, are people meaner now than when Iggy grew up, Chuck gripes about dumb ass Twitter folks, how have family values changed and even more old man voices, who eats possum, The Cat talks reality TV, comparing crime across generations, bringing back the blue jeans discussion and how often to wash them, Doug doesn’t suspend people just to meet a quota, discussing current life expectancy, Hayes believes humankind is flourishing, is brisket the key to bringing Stanton to STL, Twitter needs an edit feature, what are our expectations for the Baseball GM meetings, Doug is more interested in J.D. Martinez as a Free Agent rather than Giancarlo via trade, how open should the Cardinals be to trading Alex Reyes, Hotshots Email of the Day.

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