The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Plowsy has had enough of Ovi’s party (6-12-18)

Sam Rowley from Meals for a Million joins us, Fun with Audio from the Barstool chicks, talking Hailey Baldwin, Iggy doesn’t know about the Friend Zone, Ovi is still partying, Plowsy’s take is being vindicated now perhaps, Daddy Padre weighs in on the debate, Hayes assaults the gong, where should the Cup go in St. Louis, would getting Tavares immediately make the Blues a contender, did the Capitals emergency goalie get a ring, Hayes has a World Series ring, do the Blues play better with Daddy Padre in the stands, attempting to confirm Big Al’s story, how often do players wear their championship rings, Young Pageviews tweets pics of nice Water Towers, food horror stories, Email of the Day.

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