The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Samantha the Robot & Bearded Ozark Bottoms

The Draft Kings game is filling up fast, Tim is eating an RX bar, where is Toni Lee and why is she sideways with Iggy, discussing a recent Fan Page poll, do dudes re-plate restaurant food and post pics of their “cooking” on social media, do guys FB Live themselves working out, Samantha the Sex Robot did a FB Live yesterday, Plowsy has more knowledge on Samantha, Jim Carrey continues to give nonsensical interviews, Doug guesses 90’s stars, George Clooney thinks he’s too old to be a romantic lead, Plowsy talks Grace & Frankie, discussing if beards inhibit homosexual activity, how was The Deuce’s premier on HBO, pitching to Big Al on the phone, Mrs. SWB likes Tim’s beard, Hotshots Email of the Day.

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