The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Talking Tight Underwear and Text Names

Plowsy is bringing heat with his return music this hour, Doug and Charlie are ranting about the Cardinals, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, talking baseball’s new pace of play rules and attire for attending a game, time for the bell test again, does Mozeliak hang out at the Bowtie Bar in left field, there used to be a beer tap in the press box at Busch Stadium II, compression underwear is discussed, Jay and Plowsy have both gone commando at times, what makes a gentleman boot-faced, Iggy’s family doesn’t know what he does for money, this show is lousy with Emmy’s, remembering how Doug lost a radio contest to a tranny, Charlie talks about Barrett’s rankings, we should become consultants as well, shout out to our pal Monique Medina, Hoffman isn’t happy with marriage class, Email of the Day.

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