The Morning After STL

Segment 3: The Cardinals have signed Bud Norris

Who will Doug play golf with, Alex Reyes is among the pitchers throwing free and easy, Claibs is confused by the Plow Hawk, they’re throwing around a medicine ball over at Marlins camp, there are gates and sprinklers in place to thwart the media, Tommy Pham avoided the Plow Boy deftly, where is Iggy, he purchased an Anne Heche poster that he previously had in his possession, he’s still sideways with Lana Rhoades, is it possible that Lisa Ann will be at the Free Dotem Open, the 424 is active again, the Sea Monster makes his post-Honeymoon appearance, the Cardinals have signed Bud Norris, Fun with Audio featuring the Barstool chicks, Hoffman reads the Hotshots Email of the Day.