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Sportsnet’s Corey Hirsch: Time for Blues to Move Elliott

Brendan Marks, Wed, 02 Dec 2015 16:30:00 GMT

former blues goalie coach and current sportsnet hockey analyst corey hirsch joined the ryan kelley morning after on wednesday to discuss several blues topics.

We’ve typed out the major talking points. You can listen to the whole segment below:

Takeaway from the Blues’ 3-1 loss to the Florida Panthers last night?

“They looked like a team that was a bit lethargic, they didn’t look like their same old selves. Everybody has games like that. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.”

On the Blues’ slow starts in games:

“It’s something that’s mystified the Blues. I’m not sure what it is. Vladimir Tarasenko…it seems like if he’s not going, the rest of the team kind of sags.”

Do you think they have enough offensive firepower to make a long run?

“I think they have a pretty good group there. I think they have depth, they seem to be able to have the scoring right now. It’s hard to score in the NHL right now. Where their issues are going to be is in goal and until a goalie takes you on a long run in the playoffs, those questions are going to be there.”

On the Blues’ goaltending situation:

“(Jake Allen’s” athleticism is off the charts. He’s been really good this year. I’m glad to see them playing him a lot. That’s what they needed to do. Let him run with the ball for a little bit…he’s taken it. It’s time for them to have a truly No. 1 goalie. He needs to play every night and play a lot. Sometimes you’re going to let in bad goals, that’s just the way it is.”

On how tough it is for Brian Elliott to be the No. 2 goaltender:

“It’s tough for Brian Elliott…especially because how hard he works, he’s a good teammate. It’s time for them to move Brian Elliott. It’s time for him to go somewhere else and have an opportunity somewhere else. The issue is…now who do you get to back up Jake? There are a lot of teams around the league that need goalies.”

More on Elliott:

“He’s the type of guy…he continues to work, he goes out early before practice, he stays out late, he’s the ultimate teammate. I think it’s time for him to get a fresh start somewhere else. (The problem is the Blues don’t have another back-up). It’s a really tough spot for Brian to be in. But

Listen to the complete interview here:

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