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Strauss on TMA: Signs Indicate Miller Will Start in NLDS

Brendan Marks, Wed, 01 Oct 2014 14:10:00 GMT

by all accounts, john lackey, shelby miller and michael wacha are vying for the last two spots in the cardinals playoff rotation after adam wainwright and lance lynn. lackey will most likely get one of those, with miller and wacha vying for the fourth.

Columnist Joe Strauss wrote in Wednesday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch it’s time for the Cardinals to make a decision, and he believes Miller should get the nod.

“Unless the deck is rigged, Miller ” and Lackey ” deserve to start the series’ games at Busch Stadium,” Strauss wrote.

Strauss touched more on the topic during a conversation with The Morning After on Wednesday.

“(Shelby starting) is my suspicion. That seems to be where things are leading,” Strauss said. “I think the bigger question is, do you keep Wacha live for a bullpen/long relief role? I don’t know what more the organization could be asking of Shelby Miller right now.”

Listen to the whole segment below as Strauss and TMA talk more on the Cardinals and the playoffs.

Joe Strauss Talks Cardinals on The Morning After