The Morning After STL

The Boys Are Back in Town

A week off and Doug still wont be any good today. Doug fouled a ball off of his shin at Tower Tee. Everyone was out of town last week for the first time ever. We Should do more Best Of’s. Larry called for his wrestling re-cap last Tue, even though we weren’t doing a show. Plowsy wore a suit and tie on his first day as an intern at 590 The Man. Iggy uploaded test podcasts on Fri and forgot to delete them. With Iggy’s new duties, will he still have time to tweet at Lern. A Lambo caught on fire over the weekend. Our new copy says the PGA Championship will only be a 3 day event. Doug is beginning to think the Cards may not win this year. We talk about the Dexter Fowler-Mo flack. Doug not sure how to fix a cut nipple. Mike Lee calls in. Jennings has another message about Normandie.

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