The Morning After STL

“The Morning After” Email of the Day (3/28/16)

Justin In Columbia on Monday won “The Ryan Kelley Morning After” Email of the Day in a close race over Misty Plops.

Here’s the email. Listen to the reading below:

Guys – I paid my fantasy baseball league dues on Friday, three days before Prod Joe’s deadline, and that twink has the nerve to send me a message on Twitter that says “You have a voice now in the league.” Funny that a guy whose career is defined by incompetence actually has a high horse about timeliness, especially when that dummy’s deadline was days away.

But now that I have a voice, let’s talk Joe calling me out for using my “wife’s check” to pay dues a few years ago. Joe, it’s called a joint checking account, and those of us who don’t park drunk college kids’ cars who are in a rush to go ride a mechanical bull for a living are #blest enough to have one.

Joe just needs to worry about having his own money paid, because anyone who has ever played with that pole smoker knows it’s a guaranteed, five star play that he will be at the bottom of the standings. Bottom in real life.
Bottom in fantasy.

Wheels up, twink.

Justin in Columbia

P.S. – advice for anyone in the league, don’t ask your commish any advice regarding league rules, cause just like everything else, he knows nothing about it and will screw you over. Just ask Iggy.

P.P.S. – Joe critiquing that soccer players fashion on Twitter shouldn’t really be all that surprising, because why would you expect a guy who got his ass kicked by Timberfake to all of the sudden start acting manly?

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