The Morning After STL

“The Morning After” Email of the Day (3/29/16)

Cucky The Dwarf won The Morning After Email of the Day again on Tuesday, becoming the March Email of the Month winner in the process.

Read and listen to the email below:

TMA Meets the President: Clinchy Edition

The newsroom at the 4fox was ablaze with journalism and a plucky old fossil named Deadline Doug was powering away at his type writer.

The Editor burst into the room and yelled, “Madame President is heading to Cuba, MO for a Tom Seaver celebrity wiffle ball tourney! Is there anyone here who has taken Tom Terrific real nice and deep like?”

Deadline Doug slowly stood up and proclaimed. “I have. I am the chosen boy.”

Doug was finally gonna hold Madame President accountable. After Hillary threw out the first knuckle curve, she looked at Doug. Their eyes locked and Doug had some pre. “She’s too powerful.” Muttered Doug.

Welp, next thing you know Hillary had Deadline propped up on the diapee changing station in the third base dugout while the crowd roared in amusement.

Oh what a night!!

Clinchy the Dwarf Cuck

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