The Morning After STL

TMA-7-13-18 Seg 1 Strangers Emailing Tim About Showering With Other Men.

Tim received an email from a stranger about showering with other men. Tim gets about 50 emails a week from strangers. Doug feels if you post a picture of your food on social media, its just humble bragging. Cat wonders why wait staff don’t write your order down any longer. Larry needs a ride to our TMA Live in Webster. Lucas has no interest in going. Does the Show sound muffled. Iggy has nothing to do with the board and would rather be homeless than be a board-op. Iggy getting ripped in the text in box. The Bud Norris, Jordan Hicks saga was really about nothing. A Former teammate of Norris’ came to his defense of helping younger players. Doug doesn’t want Cat at his house. Does anyone use Lyft. Tim doesn’t like leaving the house. 

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