The Morning After STL

TMA-7-13-18 Seg 2-Iggy Having a Little Dinner Party Tonight

Shrewsbury Seminary Student joins the show. Iggy having a little get together tonight and Doug wants to know how many people will be murdered. And then Doug goes into a laughing fit. Time for Iggy’s Drops of the Week. The Athletic and ESPN getting in on the Norris-Hicks story. Doug doesn’t listen to the Cat Chat. Romie Rain will be hosting the AVN’s this year. Cat flummoxed with getting his seat assignment on Southwest. 15 people waiting to be accepted to the Fan Page. Iggy doesn’t miss bowling and has no desire to come out of retirement. Tim hopes Bryce Harper stays with the Nats so he can watch him fish. Tim gets an email from Babs Watson and wants the boy’s to sing more. 

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