The Morning After STL

TMA 7-18-18 Seg 2 Boys Make Their British Open Picks

Anyone climb mountains. Does Cahokia Mounds count. Tim is afraid of heights. The Show picks their British Open teams. Tim and Iggy stay under 50 grand on Draftkings. Plowsy, Doug and Charlie pick names out of a Sammy Soap bag. We’ll see how it all plays out. Jens Dantorp was a Charlie pick and he is on Twitter with 500 followers. Charlie followed him. A little golf talk. Doug cant play golf today because he’s swamped at the 4 Fox. Tim may play Triple Lakes today, or not. Doug doesnt believe yardage to the green matters. If Plowsie plays, he needs to go home and get some corn dogs first. Prod Joe is jealous of Plowsies life. SEC Media Day going on. Where will Mizzou be ranked. 

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