The Morning After STL

TMA 7-19-18 Seg 1 Cat Back From the Jersey Shore

Cat saw a bunch of East Coast Hoosiers. Doug thinks they should be called greasers. Cat was shocked at the Matheny firing. Cat was playing Putt Putt when he heard the news. He went on to birdie the Octopus hole. Tim likes big waves. We should sell boogie boards with Tim’s face on them. We will call them Timmy Boards. Mt Rushmore of Oceans. Iggy and Cat argue logistics. Iggy corrects Tim as well. Caller Adam joins the Show. Can Tim play the forward tee’s at the PGA Championship. British Open update. Cards-Cubs is the only game in MLB today. Doug thinks caddying would suck, unless you are 13 or 14. Forecaddies make good money. Roommates could become lovers. Doug had his car washed yesterday, so of course its raining. Cat tips $10.00 at the car wash. Tim doesn’t know where to buy a lawn mower. 

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