The Morning After STL

TMA 7-20-18 Seg 1 Plowsy Made Out With Cletus

Cat not on the Fan Page, but he got word that there is a video on the Fan Page of Plowsy and Cletus kissing. Plowsy not embarrassed because there was no tongue. The Rock allows 12somes. We cant find The Golf Channel. Cards lose 9-6, but at least they played well. Cards have now made 80 errors. A woman with 4 followers on Twitter, went off on Kilcoyne for not wearing red during a cardinal broadcast. British Open update. 60 year old Tom Lehman has his hat on backwards. Iggy buying dinner for Princess Fierce. Doug still has Cat blocked on Twitter. Carnustie is so brown. Dont they believe in water in Scotland. What is a Femdom. Doug took BP against Hungo once. Arnold Palmer never wore his hat backwards. Cat beat his kid and wife in mini golf. Not enough putt putt courses in St Louis. Mike Francessa giving Open updates. Plowsy has a glow this morning after his man kiss. 

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