The Morning After STL

TMA-7-20-18 Seg 2 Triad Bank puts up $500.00 for a Prod Joe & Iggy Golf Match

We dont know how to hook up Facebook Live. People still bitching about the Podcast not showing up in certain spots. And how Iggy spells. Barstool guys talk about Garoppolo, Garoppolo, Garoppolo. Garoppolo. dating a porn star. Iggy not talking today because he’s jealous of Plowsy making out with Cletus. Doug saw Paul Anka in a Rolls Royce once. Prod Joe texts in to trash Iggy and Plowsy. Mike Gundy lets us know why kids dont farm anymore. Iggy and Prod Joe cant play golf together. Larry has a bowl of cigarette butts on his coffee table. A texter will donate $20.00 to a charity if Iggy and Prod Joe play golf together. Post Sport Bar and Grill Drops of the Week. Doug has car problems. Tim has breaking news, Triad Bank will host Prod Joe and Iggy at Meadowbrook and put up a $500.00 purse. Prod Joe says no. Another photo of Cletus and Plowsy arrives. It looks like they are having butt play. Plowsy expects Cletus to be a little handsy. Anti Trump Graffiti showing up in Cat’s neighborhood. 

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