The Morning After STL

TMA-7-24-18 Seg 1 Ponce and Cards Talk

Ponce pitched great, but people aren’t talking about the fact the Cards blew another lead and lost. Iggy is missed in the studio. We have a guy with an MBA that is interested in Producing the show. Not just anyone can produce this show. Doug thinks Ponce should have stayed in the game. Doug has arthritis in his back. % the Cards make the playoffs. Are the Cards sellers. Tim would like to see them trade Ozuna. Is there anyone that makes more base running mistakes than Pham. Daddy Padre joins the show. John Vaughn scored a goal in floor hockey last night. Doug and Ozuna both had great careers in Miami, Not so much once they got to St Louis. Cards management says they love their players, but they probably dont. Tim putting together a Spring Training trip for our listeners. Watch out for gators. Guy jogging at Bellrieve joins us. 

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