The Morning After STL

TMA 7-25-18 Seg 1 All the PGA Championship Info You’ll Ever Need

Texters complaining about Plowsy not playing enough drops. A new computer is on the way. Problems with the text in-box again. Tim might just move to Florida. What did radio sports shows do before computers. Plowsy on fire with the drops after being criticized. Listener wants to start a Go Fund me account to bring Seamonster back. Betty White still kicking. It will be par 70 at the PGA Championship. Will the cuck studio ever be done. How long before homeless people move into the cuck studio. Plenty of PGA Championship info. Is Tiger staying at the Strattford Inn. Courtney Bryant did some research on our show. Doug puts nothing on his baked potato, and takes the skin off of his KFC. Swope investigating our text in box. Dotem created a text inbox for us. Buck Swope joins us. Iggy misses the studio. Doug on board with Swope. Conversation about old movies. 

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