The Morning After STL

TMA-7-25-18 Seg 2 Plowsy’s Stand Up Routine Was a Bad Idea

Dr. Red Duke was a huge star. It’s Charlie’s wife’s Birthday. Plowsy doing stand up was a bad idea. Swope has sent in audio of Plowsy’s stand up. Caller Adam calls in to sing. The Londoff’s didn’t understand the Dotem stuff. 5 new Chevy’s would get Dotem freed. A little Francessa sound. Charlie owns Doug in their Cespedes debate. Some Barstool Chicks sound. Doug not happy with Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson being engaged. She should date Bryce Harper, although he is married. Most Hollywood relationships last about 18 months. Demi Lavato had a drug overdose. Why do these Hollywood types get hooked on drugs. Doug and Charlie debate drug abuse. 

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