The Morning After STL

TMA 7-26-18 Seg 1 Iggy Banged a 55 year old on his 21st Birthday

6 hours of TMA today. Will the Londoff boys ask Doug to Free Dotem. Doug wants a panty sponsor. Iggy booked Bob Tway, but doesn’t want the Producer job. Iggy banged a 55 year old lady on his 21st Birthday. He also partied with Rush. Plowsy is tired and high. Plowsy’s left eye is more droopy when he’s really high. Is Trump coming to TMA Live tonight. Doug was hitting balls at Top Golf last night. Lots of folks there, but not many media members. Is the Opening of Top Golf the biggest event of 2018. Some golf podcasts not happy with Bellerive hosting the 100th PGA Championship. Did Bob Tway have a kissing booth at the Country Day picnic. No Tushy Booth at Bellerive. 

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