The Morning After STL

TMA 7-26-18 Seg 2 Londoff Boys Join Us in Studio and Want Dotem Free

Londoff Boys are friends with Young Page Views. Lana Rhodes was hanging out at Barstool Headquarters. The guy who started Bit Coin says he will be the first Zillionaire. Dotem will be buying a Londoff Chevy. 5 cars for Doug will free Dotem. How many Dotem’s will be heard at the PGA Championship. Golfers dont mind the noise as long as it’s not in their backswing. Doug wants caddies screaming at each other. Doug not happy with Tron. Doug will be on set at Bellerive. Doug will free Dotem if Trump wants it. Cat says Edmonds wants to coach. Cam said Daddy Padre was lights out on the ice today. Daddy Padre joins the show. Wil from Soulard calls in and tells a story of banging older broads. Our listeners are studs. Big Al joins the show. 

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