The Morning After STL

TMA 7-30-18 Seg 2 Came into a Bathroom Mess This Morning

Problem in the bathroom this morning. Someone over the weekend couldn’t hit the toilet. Jay Jr. upset with the restroom mess at the Rock. Patrick Reed had a problem with a cameraman in Europe over the weekend. If you have to take a dump at the golf course, just grab your clubs and go home. Dogs dont make eye contact when they take a dump. Tom Brady walks away from an interview. Tim wants to know where to hold Jamison’s 1st Birthday party. Cat cant play Fortnight on your phone. Next TMA Live will be in Baldwin. Some sound from the Barstool Chicks. Cat met Nick Jonas’ Mom. Wilmer Valderama at Demi Lavato bedside. Valderama has been on Iggy’s STTW. Tim played golf with Iggy and Plowsy on Fri. Golf tips from Doug. Plowsy received a message from his cousin. 

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