The Morning After STL

TMA- Segment 1: Joe Strauss Golf Tournament at Westborough GC

Live today from Westborough CC for the Inaugural Joe Strauss Memorial Golf Tournament. It’s cold. Fan Page members are laying out their golf outfits for the tournament. Alvin Mack has iron covers for his golf clubs.  You don’t see that on Tour. You ever get bloody nipples playing golf. Cletus has a new gal pal. Cards swept the Reds over the weekend. Can Tim’s team shoot -16 under today. The snow will soften the green’s. Tim likes live betting baseball games. Tim was looking good for a big day on Draftkings. Has it ever snowed in May. Plowsy not happy with the weather. Cucky made a heel turn during the EMOTD. He put Plops on notice. Lots of podcasts out there. Kelly Chase on the Tim Mckernan podcast this week. Will airplane bathrooms add butt spray soon. Caller Luke is becoming a TMA legend. Andre the Giant couldn’t use airplane restrooms. He had to go into a bucket.

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