The Morning After STL

TMA – Segment 2: Barstool chicks, future of media, and farming

Iggy shares details about his latest quasi-celebrity encounter, remembering Leo Durocher’s cameo on The Munsters, more from Iggy on who’s donating items for Gobble Bowl, Jay is into Lindsey Lohan’s mom, #FunWithAudio from the Barstool chicks and Doug is upset, discussing tailored pant and shirt, Iggy is a fan of the Naked News Network, is Rutherford leaving the Post-Dispatch another sign that the print medium is dying, is Amazon going to become the next home of Monday Night Football, Plowsy thinks Amazon drones will be delivering his groceries before long, digital entities might be the future for sports rights, Apple is the biggest company in the world now, how do anti-trust laws work with outfits like these, should Iggy write a screenplay, Plowsy would enjoy being a farmer because it’s going to be legal to plant pot soon, Cat still loves pottery, Iggy advocates stealing corn, Sea Monster should manage The Non Tim’s.

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