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Torry Holt Wishes He Could Use Magic Wand to Keep Rams in St. Louis

Brendan Marks, Thu, 20 Aug 2015 14:56:00 GMT

St. Louis Rams great Torry Holt joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Thursday to discuss several topics, including the team’s uncertain future and what he thinks they’ll do this upcoming season.

We typed up most of the excerpts from the interview, which you can listen to by clicking the audio player below:

Thoughts on chances of Rams leaving:

“I would love for the team to stay in St. Louis for obvious reasons. We played in two Super Bowls for that city. That city deserves a team. It’s a great sports town. They love their sports figures. They support their teams whether they’re winning or losing. To see that the move could possibly go out to Los Angeles, it’s hurtful. But at the same time, I understand.”

More on potential Rams leave St. Louis:

“Reality is reality. It looks like Stan is setting things up to get closer to the Los Angeles area. I’m a Ram. I’m a St. Louis Ram obviously. But if the team moves out to Los Angeles, I’ll still be a Rams fan. I’m a little torn up that they could move. But I want to thank the fans in St. Louis for all their support and continued support. We just have to see how it all plays out.”

On wishing Rams would stay in St. Louis:

“I wish I could (make the Rams stay in St. Louis). But it’s bigger than me. He’s running his organization the way he thinks it needs to be ran. But if I had some magic wand, I would wave it and we would remain in St. Louis.”

“Management has been up and down for awhile. Players want stability. Fans want stability. And coaches want stability. I think they’ve found that now with Les Snead and Jeff Fisher. All Rams fans want is a football team that’s winning, a football team they can brag about.”

On how LA fans will expect winning football, something that hasn’t been in St. Louis for years:

“That’s absolutely true. And if moves to Los Angeles, those fans are going to be expecting a winner. At the end of the day, you have to put a winning product on the field. And they haven’t been doing that. But they finally seem in position to make that next step. Defensively, I think they’ll be a top-5 defense. They have that kind of talent. But the offense is going to have to be a top 15 unit to balance it out.”

On the brawl with Cowboys:

“That happens in football. Any time you have intra-squad scrimmages like that, those things are bound to happen. Running backs get hit a little more than they think they should be. Receivers, the same thing. And then things just boil over. It just broke out into a big melee, which is unfortunate. I played against Jeff Fisher teams…and he likes it physical. I just think the coaches will have to do a better job of policing the environment…so it doesn’t get to the point where it’s out of control like the other day.”

Thoughts on the Rams wide receivers:

“There’s more activity from these guys. We need guys to be more productive as a group. I don’t think the Rams have a No. 1 on their roster. They have a bunch of guys collectively that have different talents that can help the team win. We just got to do a better job of creating more big plays, creating more scores on the perimeter. That’s going to help the offense move to another level. It’s just a matter of making those big plays on a consistent basis.”

On Deflategate:

“I just giggle. Because every time you look up and there’s something going on with the NFL and some cheating, it’s always the New England Patriots. It just makes you wonder if they really are cheaters. It’s unfortunate the league has to deal with this right now.”

Do you think the deflating of a ball is that big of a deal?

“I never even thought of balls being deflated until I heard about the Patriots deflating balls…I’ve never heard anything about it. When you think about it, it can give them an advantage…because you can handle those balls differently, you can throw those balls differently, you can carry them differently, because they’re more secure. There are some advantages when the ball is deflated.”

Here’s the complete interview:

Torry Holt on The Morning After