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Will Leitch Discusses Iowa Caucuses, Presidential Candidates

Sports on Earth Senior Writer Will Leitch, who’s covering the Iowa caucuses for Bloomberg Politics, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Monday to discuss several topics surrounding this year’s Presidential Election.

Here are some of the highlights of the conversation. Full audio can be found below:

You will be amongst the Iowans as they vote today. Your thoughts on what we’re going to see?

“We’ll start with the Democratic side. There’s a little less relevance. I think the first two states, Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders really needs to win both of them (and I’m not sure that would even be enough). If he doesn’t win both, it’s hard (to see him getting a nomination). He’s got a chance tonight (in Iowa).”

“On the Republican side…I think an argument could be made that if Trump wins tonight, it might be difficult to stop him. That’s because Iowa (is not really a place you would think Trump would do that well). It just looks like the ball could get rolling really fast if Trump comes away with a win.”

What makes Hillary Clinton an attractive candidate to you?

“I think she certainly doesn’t have the passionate backers of a Bernie Sanders. But Bill Clinton is very popular. He is a beloved figure…if you’re someone who’s (concerned with an experienced candidate being elected0, Hillary Clinton is unquestionably the most experienced and probably most prepared for the job. There’s a lot of affection for the Clintons. I think that Hillary has support of the typical Democratic bases of unions, teachers, she’s very popular with African-Americans, she’s very popular with Latinos.”

Will Leitch on TMA