The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV's Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7am to 10am LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

Latest Episodes

6-1-23 Segment 3 Bailey’s and EMOTD

Baileys and Diamond Sports are in court with the MLB. The boys break it all down. EMOTD.
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6-1-23 Segment 2 Takesmith Thursday

Stephen A talking about salad tossing. Mike Francesa talks Sopranos and how close he was with James Gandolfini. Mount Rushmore of television shows. Shooting times for TV shows. Takesmiths. Shannon Sharpe leaving his show with Skip Bayless. Pat McAfee moving to ESPN
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6-1-23 Segment 1 If the Wheels on a Rascal Could Talk

The start of the summer means the start of sapphic season. The softball HR derby between The Fast Lane and The Rizz Show. Workin on the weekends. Appearances. Reliving Plowsy and Iggy’s appearance at PT’s. Iggy claims to be telling a story about the Cat, but really it was a flex about himself. Preppy high schools. FPCC breakdown. Stephen A. Smith talks breast milk. Talkign hair restoration. Milk talk. Tim’s trip to Vegas.
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5-31-23 Segment 3 Hockey Talk and EMOTD

Mike Francesa breaks down the Stanley Cup finals. Matthew Tkachuk. A little Blues roster talk. Iggy scored on Matthew. Cletus. Talking wine. The toliet at Normandie. EMOTD.
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5-31-23 Segment 2 DFS Showdown and Musical Interludes

We get into the Mungenast DFS Showdown. Iggy’s Gore Vidal signed golf ball. MICDS. Iggy’s closet has plenty of surprises. Dear Deidre about (you guessed it) sexual confusion. Chase Richards. Iggy’s love of musicals.
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5-31-23 Segment 1 Mrs. Chevious

Press conference Wednesday. Do you ever think of what to wear when on YouTube? Listener of the Month submissions. Do we have female listener submissions? We break them down. Jay Jr. Swope’s Picks. Reliving the Seka and Kitten Nativdad FFF. Pepper & Genie revival. Iggy is ready to caddy for anyone in the FPCC. Plowsy talks about the documentary ‘Bama Rush’. Why did Apple TV push back the release of the Ted Lasso finale. Iggy’s fish. Talking BBQ. Should Doug get a charcoal grill? We talk grilling. Leaving the house with the grill on. Member guest. Mr. Lix calls in to hold us accountable. The call is polarizing. Matching outfits. Warson Woods Wacko calls in to respond.
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5-30-23 Segment 3 “Look I’m Rich, but I’m Not and Look at my Fillers” and EMOTD

James Carlton in the building. The boys talk about Mizzou recruiting. NIL and portal talk. We disucss a link in which a woman dives into a lesbian relationship with a mother. New Zealand. FPCC talk. The Dotem. The weather has been outstanding recently. Do you think there has been an increase in sapphic play? Tim’s lil’ BBQ. Paige Spiranic. Look I’m Rich, but I’m Not and Look at my Fillers. Is Iggy trying to get back on the fan pin? NBA Finals won’t be on TNT, so the Inside the NBA crew shut it down last night. We play the audio. Big Walt and Matthew Tkachuk. Lefty vs. Brandel Chamblee. EMOTD.
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5-30-23 Segment 2 Cardinal Talk and Iggy’s Thoughts

Ken comes and goes as he pleases. Jordan Walker’s performance in Memphis. We try to play a soundbite from the 20-year-old prospect but the new Adobe is really a thorn in our side. Have the Cardinals screwed the pooch with the Walker situation? Matz in the bullpen. More feather talk. Iggy somehow starts talking about Blacklist. Iggy is dropping names like it’s going out of style. He also breaks down the Charles Schwab. Lucy Lawless.
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5-30-23 Segment 1 HD-2 SuperMax

Call in with your lesbian stories. Temps in the 90’s today. Get that sweat on, boy. The Pope vs. Brett Hinnen yesterday is the lede today. The boys discuss their weekends. Tim in Vegas. PlowHawk camping with the new pop-up. Talking sushi in Vegas. If the show goes to Vegas, what would the orgy situation be? Iggy speaking at schools. Iggy’s time at PointFest. After Doug was dressed down at a wedding for his take on the Cincinnati Reds. We are now a Reds program. Biff & Iggy’s tales from Vegas. The Oakland A’s are having one hell of a season. The new A’s ballpark in Vegas. Heat-Celtics last night. Jackson’s thirst trap on Sunday. Succession finale (no spoilers, don’t’ worry). Plowsy’s hole. Jay’s Celebration of Life last Thursday. OnlyFans talk. Iggy’s tip of the day. FinDom. Larry Nickel joins the show to talk wrestling and lesbians. Fire in the city.
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5-26-23 Segment 3 Bomb Butter in Hannibal & EMOTD

Heat/Celtics chatter. Fun with audio of Michael Block talking about his weekend at the Charles Schwab. Doug went after the course record at Riverside. Stan Kroenke. Is Mike Girsch real? Oooey gooey butter. EMOTD
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