The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV's Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7am to 10am LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

Latest Episodes

10-02-23 Segment 3 Rest in Peace, Stan & EMOTD

North City talk. Iggy soliciting Cardinal promotional giveaways for Gobble Bowl again. Iggy’s Off-Ramp. STL City 2 attendance debate. Doggies have clinched the MLS Western Conference. All black everything for this Saturday’s game. Was Brian Haenchen at the Colts game? Is that a new report? Is Drink the leading candidate for Coach of the Year? EMOTD
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10-02-23 Segment 2 FIGHT, TIGER!

Big win for Mizzou on Saturday in Nashville. Just gotta go 1-0 this week. No head and shoulders dominant teams in the SEC as of now. LSU’s motivation with 2 losses. KG likes Mizzou moneyline against LSU and wants to bet Iggy but Iggy won’t take the action. Tickets already sold out for this weekend. Blues preseason really heatin’ up. Topless cookouts.
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10-02-23 Segment 1 Sadie Hawkins Monday

Plowsy on vacation so Jackson is on the ones and twos. Welcome to Cooktober. Big Sadie Hawkins Monday. Is Waino or Mizzou the lede? The BFIB’s rained boos upon Mozeliak yesterday. Wainwright was gifted a truffle finder. Audio of Waino reflecting on his retirement. Oli wants team guys. Iggy has adorned the studio with a Lern sticker. What moves are the Cardinals going to make? Iggy posted his BHOF acceptance speech but then took it down. Iggy’s big weekend of cleaning and drinking coffee. Would you take 60 degree weather everyday? Talking Ryder Cup and Joe LaCava and Iggy’s not happy. Audio of Rory McIlroy on the topic. Iggy is fed up with USA vs. The World.
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9-29-23 Segment 3 Lisa Ann & EMOTD

Lisa Ann joins the program to talk about the local teacher that is on leave after it was discovered she was on OnlyFans. The budding romance with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Iggy and Lisa battle over the topic. Finally getting around to two-part questions. Iggy still struggling with the Swift/Kelce situation. EMOTD.
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9-29-23 Segment 2 Adam Betz, White Knighting OnlyFans Girls,& Drops of the Week

Adam Betz from Family Golf joins us to talk about the TMA Hit & Giggle next Friday and all that Family Golf & Learning has to offer. Iggy talking Lern logistics with Adam for the H&G. Zach Johnson catching heat at the Ryder Cup for standing too close on the tee box. Melissa Satta is neat. Were there cocktails at the opening ceremonies? Lix and Wacko have found common ground in their disdain for the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Iggy white knighting for Only Fans girls. Drops of the Week.
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9-29-23 Segment 1 True Son My Ass

Fired up for Mizzou Vandy. Audio of The Rizz Show talking about Iggy and the TMA Hit & Giggle. Cucky the Dwarf put together a musical masterpiece. Breaking news Cucky The Dwarf is the Milagro Tequila Listener of the Month for September. Shrewsbury Seminary Student wants to react. And now Chairman Steve chiming in and he’s not happy with the start of the Ryder Cup. Getting recognized all over town. Hanging out with kids in their 20’s. Is Iggy’s shoulder going to hold up for the 230 yard drive challenge? Hit & Giggle only a week away.
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9-28-23 Segment 3 Rafe Williams and EMOTD

Rafe in the studio. Jeff Lottmann on the phone talking a little wagering before the weekend. Rafe talks pumpkin spiced butt wipes. Rafe talks about his new comedy special and his journey in comedy. Scrote talk. EMOTD.
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9-28-23 Segment 2 The Future of MLB Media

Mark Hannah joins the program to talk it over. Rob Manfred on Andrew Marchand’s podcast about the future of MLB TV deals. Nothing much in the interview. Ronald Acuna’s 70/40 season. Audio of the Cubs broadcast not happy with the theatrics after Acuna got his 70th steal last night. Taking a look at the standings. Feather talk.
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9-28-23 Segment 1 Wealth Whispers

Tim came in hot this morn right at tip-off today. The bathroom is right around the corner and people are flushing like the dickens. Little Hubbard party today. Will KG be there? People bitching on the Fan Page. Stone faced caddy. Iggy waxes poetic on the people he follows on the gram. White Knight. Plowsy’s camping endeavors. Annbriar. Detroit vs. STL. Iggy talks about playing Whitmoor without a member. The Legends. How many private clubs are inside of 270? Mr. Lix vs. Warson Woods Wacko. People send in their house info. Iggy’s neighbors.
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9-27-23 Segment 3 Feather Talk and EMOTD

Dean & Gene Ween. Waino on shutting it down after 200 wins. Audio from Brad Thompson about Wilson Contreras’ future as a catcher. The boys break it down. The PlowTake. Offseason talk. “Palacios Pals”. EMOTD.
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