The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the most listened to local sports talk show in the prominent position of morning drive. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn and Fox Sports Midwest’s Jimmy “The Cat” have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7-10am LIVE on

Latest Episodes

07-01-22 Segment 3 Jon Jay in Studio, Cuts, and EMOTD

Earfquake. Trees in Iggy’s apartment. Bertarelli Cuts of the Week. John Huh. Biff joins the program to discuss the scene at the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend. Strip clubs at the Lake. List of Chicken Sandwiches. Jon Jay wanders into the studio. Jon thinks back to the 2011 World Series. EMOTD.

07-01-22 Segment 2 Michael Wellington and Vacation Controversy

Orgy update. Michael Wellington joins us live from the John Deere Classic. Let’s cut to the chase, Welly, what’s the hinge situation looking like in the Quad Cities? Michael talks about Chris’ round yesterday and their outlook for the next round. Wellington’s snack of choice during the round. Awkward vacation talk between Doug and Iggy. Iggy spent his vacation smoking. Florida. Falling into Tampa Bay. College Football. Tim was briefly on KSHE yesterday with Lern. Is Iggy jealous? SoundStory.

07-01-22 Segment 1 Conference Crazy

We have an orgy scheduled for this weekend on the lake on a cigarette boat. Sorry, ladies, it’s only for guys. Doug, we have a situation on our hands. Iggy is going to Santana tonight, but with who? Michael Wellington on the show later today. Gabe DeArmond on Balloon Party at 10:15. Conference realignment. Would Mizzou go to the B1G? Mungenast DFS Showdown update. Brett Michaels hospitalized last night. NBA Finals (again) has better TV ratings in STL than the Stanley Cup.

06-30-22 Segment 3 Putting Down Ol' Yeller and EMOTD

Free Dotem, your stepdads and bleach. Mark Hannah joins us to discuss a number of topics, including finances and electricity. Gi’s index. You going for Gi or Aunt Peg? Bots. Iggy joined some 50+ Facebook group but doesn’t understand it (neither do we). Iggy continues to talk about it even though none of us have any clue what this is. Jamaican Me Horny. JoePa. EMOTD.

06-30-22 Segment 2 Bill's Wife

Will Trivia night be recorded? Older women. Is Bill’s Wife really a woman. Leavenworth, KS. Al Capone. R. Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell. Naegel eagles the 1st hole. Wagering. App madness. 4-iron length.

06-30-22 Segment 1 The Iggy Podcast

Ron Bowles. Freddie Freeman talk, this plot has been thickened. Doug Gottlieb’s involvement in all of this. Iggy’s new coffee cup. Iggy’s spill yesterday. Lern cooked up some fish yesterday in the microwave. App madness. Iggy was texting with Bob Costas. Does Iggy have a podcast? Weirdest places Iggy has had sex. Plowsy has had sex in a barn. Stag films. The theft of Wet Pink. Trivia night. Mr. Lix joins the program and doesn’t bring it very strong. Baths. Naked pickleball. Standing in brine. Lincoln Theater. The history of nudity in movies.

06-29-22 Segment 3 Grade Schools and EMOTD

Boys club. Most famous St. Gabes alumni. Grade schools. Mungenast DFS Showdown. What are you more excited for, STL City or the Battlehawks? Soccer guy. EMOTD.