The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV's Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7am to 10am LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

Latest Episodes

9-19-23 Segment 2 Feather Talk

Glow little glow worm, glow. Last night Nick Chubb went down last night, and ESPN choose not to play the replay. We play the audio from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Tigers game vs. Memphis. What’s the ticket situation? What time will Mizzou – LSU kick-off? Conference realignment. Jeff Passan’s MLB awards. The Cardinals were a major disappointment this year. The boys break it down from a macro perspective. Plowsy vs. Mozeliak.
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9-19-23 Segment 1 Waino’s Wonderful Win

The water is warm, feel free to hop in. The picture of Waino and PlowHawk is an all-timer. People get upset when we don’t start right on time. Doug tells a good historical story about the Browns. Adam Wainwright’s 200th win. We play the audio from Bailey’s and KMOX. The fellas talk about Waino’s milestone victory. Iggy has a beef with the calls of the final out. The audience isn’t happy with Iggy’s breakdown. Other pitchers who are close to 200. Giveaways. Who will be the Blues new captain? Chris Naegel. Someone’s on the phonelines, and it’s either Timmy the Tickler, Doug’s Glue Guzzler, or Dave Greene. It’s DGG, so we are talking threesomes. Lifestyle parties. POT HIM DOWN! Larry Nickel joins for the WWE Recap. Cricket.
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9-18-23 Segment 3 Gabe DeArmond and EMOTD

Was Jackson dancing solo on Saturday after the Tigers victory? Gabe DeArmond joins the program to talk about Mizzou vs. K-State and the state of the Tigers as they enter week 4. Thoughts on Brady Cook, the play calling, and things to work on going forward. Tickets sales for Memphis in STL. Drink’s job security. Looking ahead on Missouri’s schedule. Looking across the SEC. EMOTD.
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9-18-23 Segment 2 Winning Time and FPCC Voyeurs

Ken Strode is a 4th quarter finical meeting so he’s late for hour 2. Tim’s match on Friday vs. Warson Woods Wacko. Talkin’ poppy seeds. This naturally leads to class warfare between Lix and WWW. Iggy fishing for golf balls at Old Warson. How will Iggy fare in his long drive contest? HBO cancelling Winning Time. The boys talk it over. FPCC champion Dogtown Ty calls in and talks about his victory. Apparently there was a sole gentleman watching the match from a far. Who was this man and and how do we give him listener of the year?
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9-18-23 Segment 1 Truman Up!

Phone calls, we want them. Missouri’s victory over Kansas State. The boys discuss the magnitude of the win. The play calling improved dramatically from the first two games to Saturday. Mevis’ kick. Breaking down the rushing the field. Brady Cook’s performance. This win could lead to a world-class atmosphere vs. LSU on October 7th if the Tigers can beat Memphis in STL and Vandy in Nashville. Talking Colorado vs. CSU. The hit on Travis Hunter. Camera work in the Alabama game.
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9-15-23 Segment 3 Lisa Ann and EMOTD

Buses to Columbia. Lisa Ann joins the show for two-part questions and NFL news and notes. Lisa Ann and SWBS’ Wife. Iggy’s produce. RIP Bert Kaufman. EMOTD.
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9-15-23 Segment 2 The Screenshot Army

Drops of the week. What’s the deal with listeners just chiming in with pics of their wives? Iggy’s Fanpage Screen Shot Army. People talking about Iggy on the Facebook. Rock Hill Hoosier joins the show to talk about his brother, a long-time listener, who passed away 4 years ago. What a great, sincere call. Lincoln Riley talks about people trying to break into his home and harassing his young kids after he announced going to USC.
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9-15-23 Segment 1 Hot Wife Friday

Doug declares this a wide-berth Friday. Doug had some troubles watching the Eagles – Vikings tilt last night. Tim’s match with the Warson Woods Wacko today. Local Senior Amateur golf is our first topic today. The studio computer is giving us some issues. Iggy’s neighbors. Poppy seeds. Wedding talk. Mizzou football. Audio of John Anderson and Kansas coach Lance Leipold having some Mizzou KU banter, with some shots at Mizzou for the Liberty Bowl situation last year. The betting numbers for Mizzou – K-State. Illinois vs. Penn State. Chicka-deedle-dee. The Polar Express ride at Union Station. Downtown talk. Listeners now sending in pics of their wives.
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9-14-23 Segment 3 Mr. Skin(Crawl) and EMOTD

101 YouTube situation. Story about wearing dirty socks to bed. Cockroaches fecal matter get in those socks. Vera Wang comforters. New story from NASA about extra-terrestrial life. Mr. Skin. Talking Blues hockey. Feather talk. EMOTD.
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9-14-23 Segment 2 Making the Mustard

They are not happy in New York with the Mets, Yankees, and now Jets are in bad shape. WFAN’s Brandon Tierney is fired up about Aaron Rodgers injury. The whole WFAN station is up in arms. Iggy’s long drive contest. Iggy got a vacuuming injury yesterday. Hrabe delivers us a wonderful audio postcard titled “Unleashed The Creep.” Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. Should Iggy be in? Complaints ensue. College football discussion. Comedians in studio.
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