The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV's Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7am to 10am LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

Latest Episodes

9-14-23 Segment 1 Fats Among Us

(I had to get my cans from the 101 Studio so I missed the first minute or so, apologies friends). QFTA yesterday went long. Iggy equates that to coming into the studio on Saturday to find an interview, much to the listeners chagrin. Text names. Discussing posting your Apple Watch workout results on the gram. Ozempic. Talking nutrition. Iggy brings up Hedo, seemingly out of nowhere. Hedo gripes. Should Iggy open up a Hedo-style swingers lounge? Ken’s body. Cameo talk.
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9-13-23 Segment 2 PawPaw’s Pork-A-Loin

Waino on his 199th victory. Talking baseball. All time-win leaders. Wilson Contreras’ season. Reading a story about this history of pineapples and swinging. The boys break it down. What other symbols represent swinging? Talking smoked meats. We dig into Iggy’s pot roast and other food pics. Pork-A-Loin.
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9-13-23 Segment 1 Real Talk

Here come these Redbirds. Right in the thick of the things. Adam Wainwright gets his 199th victory. How do you do, Waino. Iggy somehow redirects this into his review of the show ‘Power’. “Time to unleash the creep”. Could we get that sponsored? Discussing the cost of having kids. College tuitions. #RealTalk. College talk always elicits some Lix vs. Wacko theater. Fun with the English language. Playing the audio of the senator reading erotica.
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9-12-23 Segment 3 Swapping and EMOTD

Story about swinging, swapping, and third-party stag sites. Guns and Roses. EMOTD
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9-12-23 Segment 2 Hyperloops, Tigers in New England, and Coach Prime

The door is locked again, what is going on. Housekeeping. Lambert. Hyperloop trains. Mizzou-Memphis seats. Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech in Fulton, MO. Iggy discusses LPGA golfers. The Tigers 2024 football schedule. College Football talk. Coach Prime. Caleb Williams.
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9-12-23 Segment 1 Walter & Guenther

4 hours of magic ahead. Iggy was locked out of the studio early this AM. Mizzou-Memphis tickets. Steve in Wildwood’s birthday. We get into Aaron Rodgers injury situation. Doug gives us the lowdown on the Achilles injury. The turf. Iggy’s day at the Megan Meier Foundation golf tournament. A group shot -23. The listeners are dubious of the score. Cheating in golf. Discussing the Mel Tucker situation. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap.
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9-11-23 Segment 3 Gabe DeArmond and EMOTD

James Carlton in the building. Gabe DeArmond joins us and shares stories of meeting John Daly on Friday. Gabe’s thoughts on the Tigers “win” over MTSU. Gabe shares his opinion on the offensive struggles. What’s going on with Harrison Mevis? Looking on the bright side with the defense. Deep diving on Sam Horn. The boys discuss the fan support from the St. Louis side of Missouri. EMOTD.
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9-11-23 Segment 2 The Unfortunate Marsupial

Hockey at a young. Talking about world-class athletes ability at a young age. The difference in work ethic for those athletes. NFL slate yesterday. Wagering. A story of an Orangutan hurling a possum at an Australian Zoo. Terry Bradshaw stumbled over highlights yesterday. 
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9-11-23 Segment 1 Truman Down?

Iggy out with the Megan Meier Foundation Golf Tournament. What’s the lede today, Doug? Doug has lost his Sports Sunday #touch. Missouri edging out a win from Middle Tennessee. The boys break down the brutal showing from the Tigers. Offensive line issues. What to do about the QB situation? Plowsy’s twitter was active. Is the SEC down this year? The state of College Football. The Dome. Jackson’s trip to CoMo. Will Drink stick around if he has another clunker season? The final match of the FPCC. Looking ahead to next year’s FPCC. 
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