The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV's Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7am to 10am LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

Latest Episodes

1-19-23 Segment 1 Mizzou Hoops, Texter Warfare, and KG in O-Town vs. Iggy

Mizzou picks up a huge W last night vs. Arkansas. Another Quad 1 victory. Refereeing in College Hoops. #4 Alabama heading to CoMo. Jackson is peaking. NFL playoffs. Our trip to Jamaica. There seems to be some texter warfare over Clear and Global Entry vs. TSA Pre Check. Airport talk. Caller Ellen joins the show to talk TSA Pre. Lack of energy brings the call to a screeching halt. Over/Under 2.5 members have sex. Iggy’s spring break tales. Cardinals play-by-play. Could it be Joey Zanaboni? KG in O-Town vs. Iggy.

1-18-23 Segment 2 Bros in the Smokies

Ween Wednesday, sick. Clips from the Katie Kush & Matty Dreads interview. Plowboy’s passport situation. ID talk. Taxes. Plowsy’s slip-up yesterday with the SoundStory. The life lessons learned during SoundStory. We try going to Biff but he was asleep. Mike Lee joins the show. Cracker Barrel. Gatlinburg. Chicken n’ dumplings. Jac kson is going to the Smokies with his buddies. Of course, the audience (and Doug) assume there will be intercourse amongst the group. Jackson defends the trip.

1-18-23 Segment 1 Sex on the Beach

Traffic issues have left two of our show members out on 270. We start with Tim and Doug on the phone lines. The boys arrive. Traffic talk. Iggy tells a story of traffic. Golf courses. Matty Dreads and Katie Kush. Caller Drew. Drew’s diet. Drew tells an erotic story, kind of. Doug is over this call. The text line is exploding. Iggy’s beach sex stories. Hedo. Jamaica.

Pepper & Geanie: Episode We Back in this Bish

The Boys of P&G interview an upcoming superstar in the porn industry Katie Kush. Also Matty Dreads, Plowboys childhood friend joins as well to talk the ins and outs of the behind the scenes of porn.

1-17-23 Segment 3 Gabe DeArmond, Taking Shots Tuesday, and EMOTD

Gabe DeArmond joins us to talk Tigers hoops, football, and more. The poor shooting performances over the last two games. The football recruits over the weekend. Clichés we dislike. Vegetables. Plowsy vs. The Listeners. Retired Air Marshal joins the program to challenge his suspension. Challenge unsuccessful. Crestfallen. Al Michaels call of the Jags comeback. Al Michaels did an interview about it afterwards. Lee Corso. EMOTD.

1-17-23 Segment 2 Behind The Barn

Do P&G hate everyone who is successful? Let’s go behind the barn. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap. Larry is good people. Iggy loves Aubrey Plaza. Robert DeNiro. Tech problems.

1-17-23 Segment 1 Nars Lootbarr

What is the lede today? Blues? Tigers? Wildcard Weekend? Winter Warm-Up? Nope, Pepper n’ Genie interviewed Matty Dreads & Katy Kush and we are getting into it. The podcast is not yet available, but will be at 10am today. Iggy spikes the football on KG in O-Town. Katy’s work. Where are the clips? The PlowHawk’s passport situation. Blues pick up a pair of points vs. the Senators. The Blues wild card standing. Will O’Reilly and Tarasenko be Blues after the deadline? WiFi in Jamaica. Jackson’s trip to Indy. Ja Morant’s dunk. Ben Hochman’s column on the Cardinals. The boys break it down. Plowboy goes off on Lars Nootbarr, or as Iggy calls him, Nars Lootbarr. Cardinals are rumored to be interested in Pablo Lopez. Should Pepper n’ Genie run this ballclub? What if radio stations could trade talent? Mungenast DFS Showdown results. Wildcard Weekend recap. Cowboys kicker.

1-13-23 Segment 3 Lern Stops By, Cuts, and EMOTD

Kicking ciggys. Henry the 8th. Jamie Rivers and the Fast Lane discuss John Mozeliak and nipple rings. Matt Holliday will no longer be the bench coach for the Cardinals. The boys break it down. Plowsy is skeptical. Lern jumps into studio. What is Lern doing here? The dais guesses what she’s doing here. Presidential height. Doug names all the presidents in order. Cuts of the Week. White Lotus. EMOTD.

1-13-23 Segment 2 Time Spent Smoking

Groundhog Day. A poster on the TMA Fan Page made a video about how much time of the show Iggy has missed over the last week. The Naegel video. Kerry Kittles, the man who made the video, joins the show. Cameras. Retired Air Marshal joins the program and is pressing Ken. Suspensions a plenty. Caller Buzz calls in to bring some heat. Musicals. Car sex. Pick 6 hail mary. Showers.