The Morning After STL

The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV's Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7am to 10am LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

Latest Episodes

Segment 1: Interviewing Biff’s stripper in Las Vegas

Did we stay up to watch the World Series, will there be an #FFF at TMA Live in two weeks, Biff calls in with a lady friend from a Vegas strip club, Gentle has a guessing game for us, Biff might be getting married, talking Italian pizza, Biff has more high quality hockey bets, how much cash has he spent on this gal, could we get her to St. Louis for TMA Live.
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TMA Live – Segment 2

The jam-packed second hour features TMA Trivia – Classic Edition, an Exit Poll, Iggy’s Drops of the Week, Bertarelli Cutlery Cuts of the Week, and Hotshots Email of the Day.
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TMA Live – Segment 1

Tim, Doug, and The Cat hold court in front of a raucous crowd at Hotshots in Webster Groves.  They spend some time getting to know the listeners in attendance before diving into a spirited game of Plowsy Movie Savant.
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Segment 3: Caller Adam, Kelly Chase, and #EOTD

We miss Joshua, The Cat takes an opportunity to sing, can Doug wear his ankle bracelet when floating, we should do a bus tour of all our sponsors, Caller Adam is calling out Tom Schmidt of Salt + Smoke, Iggy is on the defensive regarding Anna Benson, she claims not to have an address, discussing the films Glengarry Glen Ross and Any Given Sunday, Iggy says there’s a lot of dong on The Deuce, Chaser is on the phone and isn’t happy with us, Mrs. Chase had a surprise B-day party get ruined, The Cat flat breaks down Ice Guardians, Doug has good launch angle with his gong strikes today, what is up with teams firing their managers after an incredibly successful season, will Mrs. Ballsack be in attendance tonight, Hotshots Email of the Day.
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Segment 2: The Spicy Chip Challenge & Anna Benson

Plowsy plays some very haunting return music, does Iggy steal candy, Doug flat breaks down the Blues, it’s time for the Maggie O’Briens Picks of the Week, we’re still not happy with Prod Joe’s game selection, #AudioFun from those Barstool chicks, more audio from Denver news anchors taking the spicy chip challenge, do you get on all-fours to vomit, Plowsy is enjoying Fruit Loops and marshmallows, how often does he change to grease in his deep fryer at home, The Cat has breaking news on Anna Benson, Iggy got a DM back, Plow Boy plays a rap track, Strode has a unique piece of John Gotti memorabilia, more on his charity raffle items, does Gaga lip sync, more Francesa fun, Doug should step down.
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Segment 1: Doug and French Fries got a Divorce

We want Doug hockey-ism’s and Macarena themed jingles, fry talk, how lithe and sinewy is Doug’s body now, he and fries had a falling out, Iggy tells us about his pizza and side dish, Plowsy owns a deep fryer, are Tater Tots misunderstood, Plow Boy has many appliances however he does NOT have a microwave, previewing tonight’s TMA Live in Webster Groves, is Doug still on the Fan Page, flat breaking down Game 2 of the World Series and Culberson getting too animated after hitting a HR, does Iggy still talk to Anna Benson, previewing an epic Thursday Night Football contest, did Anna Benson block Iggy on Twitter, are they still tweeting a bunch of GIF’s at 101, The Cat missed a Cardinal birthday yesterday, Tommy Pham had an interesting Twitter beef, Anna liked Iggy’s tweet, are there some people who flourish in prison, #FunWithAudio from Mike Francesa, Plowsy had some delicious treats at the hockey game last night, fry sauce discussion, Tim has knowledge on Olive + Oak.
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Segment 3: Fantasy Football Friday (on a Wednesday)

Doug is finally back on the Fan Page, should Vaughn have been a boxer, will there be lesbianism at TMA Live tomorrow night, the lovely Lisa Ann joins the radio presentation, Doug isn’t comfortable printing out his own stamps, Hotshots Email of the Day.
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Segment 2: The Plow Boy gets himself suspended

How many babies have been conceived to Tim’s voice, what are Doug’s best traits, do bald guys all look like each other, discussing Fan Page content and getting tickled, are people getting preemptively banned, Iggy’s seafood pics took criticism on FB, Plowsy gets himself suspended for saying that Doug should hook-up with Mr. Nipples, why are folks having so much trouble accessing the Fan Page, how does The Cat prepare for his podcast, Ben Fred joins us to discuss a potpourri of sports topics, can we get Doug and Cat on the Fan Page, should Vaughn wear a surgical mask to Blues practice, the Cardinals sent an interesting letter to season tickets holders in August ’88, should Tim write letters to all the listeners, should we get publicity by having The Cat’s podcast rip Tim’s podcast, random chatter.
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Segment 1: Press Conference Wednesday

Will Doug and Tim sleep together for warmth, are talent scouts listening to this program, would Plowsy clean animal cages for $30K a year, The Cat worked the stables as a youth, he was also a barrel racer, Hayes is at home on horseback, Plow Boy saw The Hipster of Tower Grove South, is ESPN pursuing us to replace Barstool Van Talk, Timmy the Tickler phones into the presentation to discuss peeing in the shower, Iggy had issues buying an electric razor, is there an update on the Mike Lee situation, what happened to Pat Parris, addressing questions from the text line, Tim watched Rudy this week, Iggy has questions for Tim, remembering how Doug angered the little bantam rooster, Pocket Tube missed getting the video of Matt Holliday accosting the Plow Boy, Mr. Nipples texts a vile query, Rich Gould stories, discussing favorite interviews and podcast ideas, the Rams are rising among NFL Power Rankings, remembering the Rams Rules, talking locker room boners, what’s up with the cuck studio, the Beercats and Ballsacks might both be at TMA Live on Thursday however Larry Nickel is out, Doug digs A-Rod, what would have been in Jeter’s Gift Baskets, we take heat on the text line.
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Segment 3: Sports Media Deep Dive & EOTD

Flat breaking down the cancellation of Barstool Van Talk, has Doug ever done an emergency press conference on social media, would people pay subscription fees to continue getting Barstool’s content, how do you monetize online content and Twitter, reacting to The Athletic’s co-founder making odd comments to the New York Times, bombastic bluster is bad for business, is The Athletic’s model sustainable long term, franchises are bringing media in house now so what role will that play going forward, debating online payment methods, the Blues are sending content to local TV stations during road trips, Doug talks credit card fraud, Iggy loves Mike Caruso, Big Al calls in, political discourse, what is Trump doing while tweeting, Hotshots Email of the Day.
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