The Tim McKernan Show

The Tim McKernan Show is a podcast featuring long form interviews with people from the world of sports, politics, and entertainment.

Latest Episodes

Ep 3 – Jack Danforth

Former 3-term U.S. Senator and former U.N. Ambassador John “Jack” Danforth joined Tim in our Kirkwood, MO studios in late September 2017 to discuss a variety of topics, including:  his decision to write an Op-Ed on Donald Trump in the Washington Post (9:30), how did we as a society get to this point of bombastic Trump era politics (19:30), his reaction to the St. Louis protests (29:00), on being considered as George W. Bush’s running mate in 2000 (44:00), his thoughts on the NFL protests (52:00), an up and coming politician in Missouri that he truly believes in (55:00), thoughts on Evangelicals supporting Trump (1:02:00), comparing the  modern tone to past U.S. Presidencies (1:09:00) Follow us on Twitter:  @McKernanShow @tmckernan @SeaMonster590 Special thanks to Story of the Year for providing our theme.  Feedback is always welcome via email:  tmckernan@insidestl.com

Ep 2 – State of the Cardinals with Derrick Goold

Post-Dispatch Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold joined Tim in studio on Wed 10/4 to discuss a variety of topics:  the level of urgency the Cardinals feel this off-season (2:00), the decision to dismiss Derek Lilliquist (7:30), how data driven is Mike Matheny as a manager (13:30), why has the team become less compelling to fans (17:00), the franchise making business vs. baseball decisions (22:30), examining how the Cubs roster was constructed (27:30), why the Cardinals aren’t as attractive of a destination to players as in previous seasons (34:00), how the league has caught up to the Cardinals front office (39:00), possible bats the team could acquire (43:30), is Giancarlo Stanton realistically in play (49:30), how they’ll address the closer situation (56:30), is the team likely to sign a starting pitcher this off-season (1:07:30) Read Derrick’s work at STLtoday.com or follow him on Twitter @dgoold Follow the show on Twitter:  @McKernanShow @tmckernan @SeaMonster590 Special thanks to Story of the Year for providing our theme music.  Feedback is always welcome via email: tmckernan@insidestl.com

Ep 1 – Gary Pinkel

Tim sat down with former University of Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel at his home in Columbia, MO on Tuesday, September 26th.  Topics include:  not accepting moral victories during his early years at Mizzou (10:30), Nick Saban writing the forward to his book (16:00), how Mike Alden helped him block out the media noise (21:30), breaking down the recruiting wall between St. Louis and Columbia (27:00), his chance meeting with Vince Lombardi (31:30), the Armageddon at Arrowhead game (36:00), how he decided what to cover in the book (43:30), being wooed by Michigan (49:00), Michael Sam and the 2013 season (51:00), his cancer diagnosis (58:00), his decision to retire and having that news leak prematurely (1:02:30), procedure he followed during hunger strike (1:06:30), his disagreements with how aspects of that situation were handled (1:10:00), thoughts on Barry Odom (1:13:00), how he learned to remain calm during press conferences (1:15:30), his relationship with Tony La Russa (1:22:00) Coach’s book, “The 100-yard Journey:  A Life in Coaching and Battling for the Win”, is available now.  Special thanks to Story of the Year for providing our podcast theme. Feedback is always welcome via email:  tmckernan@insidestl.com