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Do you purposely, knowingly, and recklessly attempt to gain fame in order to boost your self-esteem? The Morning After has you covered! Nominate yourself to be a part of the 2023 TMA Listener Of The Month Club courtesy of Milagro Tequila!

If you win, you’ll get recognition and stuff to help you satisfy that insatiable “thirst” for notoriety!

We know from the End Of The Year Awards how much you guys like to brag about your “fandom,” so tell us who you are (or don’t… we don’t really care), where you are from, and why you deserve to earn that sweet, sweet adoration from your peers!

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the form below and tell us why YOU deserve to be the TMA Listener Of The Month…
  • Don’t worry your real identity can remain anonymous and you can use your texter name or nickname if you don’t have the balls to say your real name.
  • Each month, the guys will pick a winner to honor on air, online, on the fan pin, etc.
  • Each monthly winner will get an exclusive TMA Listener Of The Month swag item of some kind (TBD because we are lazy and haven’t decided what it is yet).
  • You only need to sign up once! Entering over and over again WON’T help your chances of winning!

TMA Listener Of The Month is brought to you by Milagro Tequila… “Welcome to a brighter side of Tequila with Milagro”


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